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Thank you for your interest in CIE, please read on. CIE, or the Centre for Internationalisation, is a collaboration between NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen, Campus Fryslân. The word 'Fryslân' is not a spelling mistake, it is the official way to write 'Friesland', a province in the north of the Netherlands, which has its own language (Frisian) and its very own country level domain name. This is already evident in the web address for this site: http://www.cie.frl (not a link, you are here already!). 

The Centre is still developing and has already commenced its first activity, namely a PhD program. Other activities will follow, and you'll see the changes reflected at this site. There was something deliberate about the name of the centre. It is not just focusing on internationalisation of higher education, but on all levels of education. This thinking aligns with the notion that (according to the author of this site) internationalisation needs to be embedded in education from the very early times (in primary education), all the way to the workplace. The big question is what aspects of internationalisation need to be dealt with at which age?

Thus, at the primary education level we may be preparing the ground for internationalisation learning outcomes at secondary education, and at the tertiary level we should be taking all the prior learning into account and build on it in an efficient and productive way. Whilst at an early age we ensure our students learn about racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity for example, at university they should learn how to take advantage of diversity in collaborative group projects or other situations. Learning lines of internationalisation learning outcomes that reach across the boundaries of the various levels of education.

The choice for internationalisation of education is already reflected in the first cohort of PhD candidates and you will be able to see this before to long on this web site. On some pages of this web site, you can leave your comments. This is one of them. I am keen to hear your thoughts about this initiative and the direction we're taking.

Robert Coelen
Director, CIE

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