Enrolled PhDs

PhD candidates at CIE

  1. Ms. Joëlle Hietbrink (Netherlands) - Assessing intercultural competence outcomes for international business: To propose a method to assess specicif intercultural competence outcomes, based on actual behaviour, possibly in combination with other (indirect) measures or perspectives. The general research question is: how to properly assess the behavioural component of intercultural competence in the field of international business?
  2. Mr. Klaas-Wybo van der Hoek (Netherlands) - Across the border: An investigation into the interaction between Dutch government policy and the responses of Executive Boards at Dutch higher education institutes in the field of internationalisation. This study particularly considers the development of international branch campuses as a form of globalisation. 
  3. Ms. Rachael Merola (United States of America) - A PhD project that is investigating the question: Which aspects of the student experience are most predictive of student satisfaction and why is this so?
  4. Ms. Grada Okken (Netherlands) - A PhD project that will study the effects of study abroad during teacher education on professional behaviour after graduation
  5. Ms. Pouneh Eftekhari (Sweden) - A PhD project that will investigate internationalisation at the program level and particularly considers disciplinary differences in policy and practice.
  6. Ms. Saskia Jensen (United Kingdom) - A PhD project that studies migration patterns in international higher education. This project will consider the determinants of student mobility, migration paths and return migration.
  7. Ms. Kelly Henao (Colombia) - A PhD project that will investigate emerging teaching practices for international and intercultural learning in Latin America.
  8. Ms. Iris van Werven (Netherlands) - A PhD project that will analyse the curriculum of teacher education programs and how they develop student teachers' intercultural competence.
  9. Mr. Nico Evers (Costa Rica) - A PhD project that will investigate developing strategies for intercultural engagement at higher education institutes in the context of increasing internationalisation and diversity.
Whilst some project descriptions are listed here with several candidates, we are now paying more attention to the projects at this site. All candidates have a listing there.