Marcel van der Poel

Making use of a series of studies, the research concerns the exploration of the conditions that foster intercultural competence (IC) development in an educational context. Levels of IC are pre- and post-tested before and after in two studies:

Study (A) 

a 6-month episode of intervention vs. non-intervention during study abroad of 3rd year international IBMS students:
  • in 3 cohorts with moderate intervention
  • in 1 cohort with elaborate intervention
Study (B) 
a 9-month intercultural competence training (ICLL) of international faculty:
  • in 8 different groups since 2011
Various instruments for assessing IC development are used and analysed, i.e. IDI, IRC, and MPQ-sf. Seven moderating variables, like previous exposure to, and affinity with, cultural diversity are included in the research. The aim is to relate relevant experiences and insights to intercultural competence development, and to deduct the possible implications for (study abroad) curriculum design and achieving (study abroad) learning outcomes. Preliminary findings for study (A) have been published in:

  • Van der Poel, M.H. (2016) ‘When does study abroad foster intercultural competence? A study in search of the conditions’, European J. Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp.168–185.
And those for study (B) can be found:

  • Van der Poel, M.H. (2016) The intercultural competence learning lab: A training initiative for intercultural competence development of faculty as a precondition for intercultural competence development of students. In Jones, E., Coelen, R., Beelen, J. and De Wit, H., Global and Local Internationalization, Sense; Rotterdam, pp. 97-104.

Marcel H. van der Poel (1962) is a senior lecturer, researcher and an independent trainer in intercultural communication. He is the co-initiator of the award-winning Intercultural Competence Learning Lab (2011); he published about his experiences with the Lab in 2016. Marcel is currently involved with Intercultural Competence Development at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, freelance at the University of Groningen, and commercially at various companies and NGO’s. Marcel worked for over 20 years in managerial positions, of which 10 years in East-Africa. Sociologist by training (RUG, 1988), he earned a second Master degree in Intercultural Relations (MAIR, Portland OR, USA) in 2013, and is currently working on his dissertation research on 'the conditions that foster intercultural competence'. 

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