PhD Residential Week 2 - Mar 2017

Pouneh Eftekhari and Kelly Henao
Iris van Werven, Nico Evers, Pouneh Eftekhari, Kelly Henao, Saskia Jensen, Prof Adriaan Hofman, and Joëlle Hietbrink
Inside the Beurs Building, future campus building
More group discussion...
Joëlle Hietbrink and Saskia Jensen
Iris van Werven and Nico Evers
Pouneh Eftekhari and Kelly Henao
Nico Evers and Joëlle Hietbrink
Prof Elspeth Jones
Prof Elspeth Jones
Irene Poort, Nico Evers, Joëlle Hietbrink, and Kelly Henao
Saskia Jensen, Pouneh Eftekhari, Iris van Werven, Irene Poort, and Nico Evers
Iris van Werven and Irene Poort

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