These are the 'official' pictures taken at each residential week. Other less official efforts can be found in the various blog pages for each week. In this first picture, from left to right and from back to front: Iris van Werven, Adriaan Hofman, Javed Suleri, Brian Heuser - Saskia Jensen, Pouneh Eftekhari, Joëlle Hietbrink, Irene Poort, Robert Coelen, Kelly Henao, Ben Levy, Eglė Girdzijauskaitė, and Nico Evers.

Never too much of a good thing, we lined up again (some of us) in front of the new signage of the campus building (from left to right and from back to front): Brian Heuser, Nico Evers, Leo Klienbannink - Iris van Werven, Eglė Girdzijauskaitė, Irene Poort, Saskia Jensen - Javed Suleri, Ben Levy - Robert Coelen, Joëlle Hietbrink, Kelly Henao, Pouneh Eftekhari

In March 2017 we came together again, some already a bit more tired from doing their PhD than others (from left to right and back to front): Iris van Werven, Nico Evers, Robert Coelen, Saskia Jensen, Irene Poort - Pouneh Eftekhari, Kelly Henao, Joëlle Hietbrink

March 2018 was the 4th residential PhD week, with new candidates. In this picture (from l-r) Robert Coelen, Herb Terry, Pouneh Eftekhari, Marianne Doyle, Iris van Werven, Ingrid Pleschberger, Nico Evers, Terri Flanagan, Grada Okken, Hans Vossensteyn (our guest lecturer), and Joëlle Hietbrink. (Julia Huisman was not present at the time)